Integrated Freight.

Registix's freight solution provides you with an innovative, cost-effective, and highly efficient way to handle your reverse logistics needs.
The Registix Difference

Vertically Integrated Freight

At Registix, we recognize the unique challenges in the reverse logistics industry. That's why we've developed a game-changing solution through our vertically integrated freight services. Leveraging innovation, precision, and sustainability, we ensure your goods are handled with exceptional efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and responsibility. Here's how we're redefining reverse logistics:

Complete Control From Start to Finish.

By handling all aspects of the transportation process internally, we provide our partners with unparalleled visibility and control over their logistics. Transparency is our watchword, ensuring our partners never have to face unexpected delays or hidden costs on the back end.

Customization and Cost-Efficiency.

Our approach to logistics allows us to create customized solutions that fit our partner’s needs, including special handling, expedited/held delivery, off-peak shift utilization, or unique routing. Our in-house management and operations team eliminates all third party vendors which streamlines communication between our vendors and buyers for real-time, accurate communications.

Zero Latency Time.

In the reverse supply chain, space is limited and non-productive inventory, whether returns or shelf-pulls, sitting for any amount of time is costly. We’ve leveraged our integrated freight solution to create a seamless, zero-latency system that ensures unparalleled speed and effectiveness to help our vendors better manage that space. Our approach eliminates delays, reduces administrative hassles, and fosters a smooth flow of inventory between vendors and the secondary market.

Innovation Rooted in Experience

At Registix, we understand the intricacies of reverse logistics because we’ve lived them. Our integrated freight solution isn’t just a service; it’s a response to challenges we’ve faced along the way. By harnessing innovative technologies and incorporating our firsthand experiences, we offer a unique flexibility that adapts to the ever-changing needs of the reverse logistics industry and the many custom-tailored solutions we provide. When working with Registix, a partnership is gained that is constantly evolving and refining strategies to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and create opportunities for growth.

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Building the Future of Reverse Logistics Together

The growth of the our business is rooted in the partnerships we foster within our industry. Registix is leading the way in driving performance, innovation, and growth for the reverse logistics space. We’ve cultivated enduring partnerships that transform the way Fortune 500 companies manage their surplus and returns assets.

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