About Registix.

our culture

Customer-Centric Innovation

Tailoring innovative solutions around the needs and challenges of our clients. We're committed to customer satisfaction above all else.
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Relationship-Driven Excellence

Building success on trust, collaboration, and deep connections with vendors and buyers. Our relationships are the cornerstone of our business.
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Agile and Forward-Thinking

Staying ahead of the curve with flexible, responsive strategies. We embrace environmental responsibility and are always seeking new ways to lead in the reverse logistics industry.

Our History.

Filip Maciolowski, our founder, embarked on his journey in the world of reverse logistics as a single-appliance buyer. As he scaled his operations, he faced several industry-wide challenges, including sluggish transactions, inconsistent quality, and limited network access. Filip's unique insight into these challenges led to the birth of Registix, a company designed to bridge the gap between vendors and buyers, ensuring mutual success and growth.

Our Drive and Vision.

Registix was born out of the necessity to improve and revolutionize the reverse logistics industry. Our cornerstone principles - Speed, Execution, and Relationships - guide every aspect of our operation.

For vendors, we offer a partnership that guarantees market value preservation, rapid turnaround times, and clear communication. We do not list prices on auction, ensuring market pricing integrity.For buyers, we provide a reliable and consistent supply of loads at competitive prices. Our promise is to deliver quality and value, keeping your business in constant forward motion.
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Setting New Standards in Reverse Logistics.

Registix is more than a reverse logistics company. We are a pioneering force, leveraging our customer-centric approach to break old habits and set new industry standards. Our impact resonates with both vendors and buyers, offering each a tailored experience that supports their unique business needs.

Our journey from purchasing a single appliance to becoming a game-changer in the industry is a testament to our ability to evolve, innovate, and remain customer-focused.

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Building the Future of Reverse Logistics Together

The growth of the our business is rooted in the partnerships we foster within our industry. Registix is leading the way in driving performance, innovation, and growth for the reverse logistics space. We’ve cultivated enduring partnerships that transform the way Fortune 500 companies manage their surplus and returns assets.

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